Asian VR massage

Asian VR massage from sensual Yuri

junio 05, 2019
Asian VR massage from sensual Yuri at VirtualRealJapan!!!
When you’re stress, the first thing you’ll do is grab your Oculus Quest to go to a healing clininic to have a massage session in VirtualRealJapan. What you didn’t expect is that Yuri Hamada was going to be the one getting really touchy with you. And like you asked for it,she’ll give you the full package: an adventure in Asian VR.
The first thing you’ll have to do is get really comfortable on the bed. Once you’ve donethat, she’s going to start touching your body. You’ve been under a lot of pressure, so Hamada knows that if she wants to make you feel better, she’ll have to do more than just give you a massage. That’s why she’s going to jump over you and begin to touch you from the belly to the feet softly.
She’s smiling at you, and that makes her look hotter than ever. Because she’s wearing address, every time she does a movement you can see her fit body, especially her booty. And needless to say is just as cute as she is.
You can consider this as an exercise, so it’s obvious this bombshell starts to sweat. Her solution? Take off the outfit and wear a sexy lingerie.
You haven’t been in a lot of virtual reality rubbings, but you know there’s no massage without oil. And before you get in the last part of this experience, she’ll put some on yourbody.
Because you asked for the full package, the after service involves having a nice lunch with her. Before she does that, she needs to change her clothes into something more comfortable like a kimono.
If you want to do this again, all you gotta do is grab you VR headset and ask for Yuri Hamada.

Asian VR massage from sensual Japanese beauty Yuri Hamada

Asian VR massage

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Asian VR massage

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