Asian VR swimsuit

Asian VR swimsuit private party

mayo 15, 2019
Asian VR swimsuit private party with sexy Yuki Mamiya!
You know what we say: Ain’t no party like a VirtualRealJapan party. And if you haven’t been in one yet, today is your lucky day because the host of today’s celebration is hottie Yuki Mamiya that is more than ready to start this celebration. And if you are, all you have to do is grab your oculus rift and let this party started.
She’s wearing her festive yukata and serving a slushy. But, she doesn’t like it and starts to eat an ice cream. She looks prettier than ever. So, no wonder why she’s starting to feel hot. Her solution for this steamy VR adventure? Eating a pop sicle and telling you to go the bedroom.
Now that both of you are in there, she takes off her yukata and wears a sexy bikini. And if you thought her body was hot, now that you see it almost nude, you can’t help but think how lucky you are. Especially, when she shows you her booty and her boobs.

Asian VR swimsuit private party with sexy hottie Yuki Mamiya

Asian VR swimsuit

VirtualRealJapan is full of Asian VR swimsuit hot experiences. Then you will have a great time with Asian beauties. Enjoy this Asian VR swimsuit experience in 3D VR180. It is available for any VR smartphone head mounted device on the market. Also for several PC headsets such us Oculus Rift, HTC Vive. And finally for Daydream VR, Mi VR, Gear VR and of course Oculus Go device!

Asian VR swimsuit

Then JOIN US! And watch more Asian VR swimsuit videos. So get ready your VR Headset for smartphone, PC or any other head mounted device. And enjoy watching the most immersive VR videos from Japan!

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