Japanese VR beauty

Japanese VR beauty Alisa Hatayama

diciembre 05, 2018

Japanese VR beauty Alisa Hatayama is happy to be beside you in your bed.

No, Santa didn’t come early this Christmas, but we did! So, you know all you’ve to do: strap on your oculusgo or any other VR headset you’ve got. Because today you’ll have a GFE with asian hottie Alisa Hatayama.

You’re on your bed waiting for this bombshell to get out of the shower. Why? Because you really want to huddle with her. We mean, who wouldn’t? But, as she’ll let you know, before she do that, she has to dry her hair. What are you going to do in this virtual reality adventure while she’s doing that? Watch her, obviusly!

Once she finishes, she’s going to sit next to you with a lotion. And we know what you’re thinking: “how could this VirtualRealJapan video could get better?” Yes, rubbing the moisturizer on her legs.

And now, you both can snuggle and have a sweet night in VR beside this nice beauty from Japan!

Japanese VR beauty Alisa Hatayama is happy to stay beside you in your bed

Japanese VR beauty

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Japanese VR beauty

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