Japanese VR model

Japanese VR model Yuri private show

enero 30, 2019

Japanese VR model beauty Yuri and her curves will spend some time with you.

Hashimoto Yuri could be easily a Victoria’s Secret model, and even though you already knew it. The fact that she’s looking at you with her big beautiful eyes, reassures that. And also makes you feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Grab your oculusgo or any other VR headset you’ve got near by, because this GFE in virtual realitywill be sort of like a casting… but private.

Both of you are sitting on the couch in the living room, your girlfriend is wearing some gym clothes. But even whithout makeup, she’s by far the most beautiful woman in the world! She’s laughing and looking at you since the begining of this VR experience. But little by little she starts to take off her outfit, so you can watch how sexy the lingerie looks on her.

So, Do you remember when we told you she could be easily a Victoria’s Secret model? Well, she’ll start modeling like one.. and you’re the only one in the public. Since this plot is a private casting, both of you are going to the bedroom to see the next show: the gala dress. After this, you really can’t say which one you preferred more!

Japanese VR model beauty Yuri and her curves private show

Japanese VR model

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Japanese VR model

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