Japanese VR sexy apron

Japanese VR sexy apron of Rina Hirata

agosto 21, 2019
Japanese VR sexy apron with sensual Rina Hirata at VirtualRealJapan!
Not everyday you get the chance to have a GFE with Rina Hirata. Especially, to have along one-on-one with her. And this includes: making dinner, eat it and watching how she takes a bath. You don’t regret grabbing your Oculus Rift S anymore, right?
You’re not what people called: a cook. But, after watching different tutorials on Youtube, you found out that if you want to make a great dish, you need to learn from the best. That’s why you didn’t hesitate to call this hottie and teach you how to make gyozas.
First things first: wear something comfortable. So, while you were your old sweat pants, Rina Hirata is going to wear the usual apron, and of course a sexy lingerie and some stockings. She has to do what’s in her hands to motivate you in this new hobby.
Because she knows you’re newbie in this, she’s going to do the hard work for you. That would kneading the dough and filling with whatever you want. And the only thing you got to do is watching how everything is done.
Something you didn’t know about cooking in VR is that everyone has its own way of doing it. For this hot Asian is getting on the table and cook.
You don’t need a lot of experience to know that after you cook, you get really sweatie. That’s why Rina Hirata will tell you to join her in the tub. Well, actually, you’re not getting in there with her. But, let’s being honest watching this bombshell is enough for this virtual reality experience.

Japanese VR sexy apron of sensual Rina Hirata at VirtualRealJapan!

Japanese VR sexy apron

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Japanese VR sexy apron

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