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hot Asian VR lingerie

Hot Asian VR lingerie experience with Umi

May 08, 2019
Hot Asian VR lingerie experience with sexy Umi at VirtualRealJapan!
Let’s be clear at something: you and Umi are lousy cooks. And we don’t have to remind you that. But for the second part of your GFE with this hottie it’s important to recall things just where you left it. That would be grabbing for the first time your Oculus Quest and joining her in the bedroom while she wears a hot lingerie.
You don’t remember anything, right? Don’t worry about it, just lay down on bed and let Umi reminds you. Both were eating, and because it didn’t taste so well, decide to do something a little bit different from what you had in mind: a virtual reality adventure in the room.
Lucky for you, this asian bombshell was more than ready. So, while you’re on the mattress, Umi will show you how good the bra and the panty fit on her.
And honestly, if you thought she was hot already, once you see her wearing this underwear, it’s impossible not to love her more!
And she knows that in VR it’s better for you to take a closer look. That’s why she’ll jump over your body and play with you.

Hot Asian VR lingerie experience with sexy Umi at VirtualRealJapan

hot Asian VR lingerie

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hot Asian VR lingerie

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