VirtualRealJapan is now on WatchVR!

February 24, 2021


VirtualRealJapan is now on WatchVR! As with TikTok challenges, in porn there will always be something new to see. When you combine this with technology, duos as incredible as for example Simon and Garfunkel. It is in this way that in 2014, VirtualRealPorn created what we know as the wonderful world of VR Porn, and we started using the numerous VR headsets for more than just playing videogames.

Many things have changed in these 7 years (not to mention in 2020), and just as how do you change your underwear, when it comes to enjoying your “me times” it happens to you something like that. It is in this way that you went from your Oculus to PSVR, and from VirtualRealPorn to experience your favorite category “asian” with VirtualRealJapan.

When PlayStation created LittlStar, you thought this was definitely the best invention since the Internet originated. But, like many things in real life, you immerse fantasies on PSVR Porn came to an end when the company decided to put it paid. And just when you were about to put away the sticks, you discovered WatchVR, a free PlayStation app that allows you to enjoy your favorite videos from the different VirtualRealHub networks (only if you are subscribed to one of their websites, of course), in just one click, and you don’t have to change your favorite VR headset.

Don’t miss any of our adventures on WatchVR!

Try WatchVR

And now, you can already enjoy the best of both worlds: VirtualRealJapan andWatchVR. If you have not stopped experimenting so far with the most beautiful Asian girls dressed in school uniform, having the most incredible creampie, now imagine doing it without disconnecting your ps4 vr porn and streaming … ¡double orgasm!

If you are not yet a VirtualRealJapan user. Or if you are, but you don’t know how to install the vr xxx app to start using WatchVR, scroll down and read the use instructions.

Get ready to enjoy more than 200 asian VR Porn videos on PSVR Porn!


How to start this journey:


  • Click in My Account, then select PSVR Streaming App.
  • After the first step, you’ll see a URL on your screen, which you have to note down.
  • Afterward, install the app on your PSVR headset.
  • Open the newly installed app, and select Add.
  • Type the URL that you have just written down, and click OK.
  • You will be redirected to a channel containing all the videos available for streaming.

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