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hot Japanese VR bartender

Hot Japanese VR bartender company

June 12, 2019
Hot Japanese VR bartender is the best company for mid-week!
You know those scenes in the movies where a guy goes to a bar and tells a random bartender all his problem? You might think that’s something unrealistic, but actually it’s areal thing that can happen anytime in a 4K VR experience in VirtualRealJapan. Especially, if you already have your gearvr and you’re going to a place where asian Yuka Kuramochi is the one serving drinks.
You can’t help thinking how hot she is. And of course the first thing you do is going to the counter, talk to her and have a drink. It’s obvious she likes you, because she keeps laughing and laughing. And after a few minutes talking to you, she tells you to go to some place quiter in the virtual reality bar.
Both are in the sofa, she gets more comfortable. Takes off her vest, has a drink of alcoholand talks to you. Maybe it is because of the drinks or the fact that she feels cozy with you,but she tells you to go to her apartment. And obviously you won’t say no to this offer. Once you’re in her apartment, she tells you to have another drink with you. She changes her clothes and puts a short and a white t-shirt. Even though, she’s more relaxed, she stills wants to put something lighter… in the bedroom.
Now that both are in her bedroom, you’ll find out what’s her definition of comfy outfit: a pairof stockings and a hot babydoll.
And you know what Yuka Kuramochi says: If you’re feeling comfortable enough, it’s timeto move her fit body in Asian virtual reality.

hot Japanese VR bartender is the best company for mid-week!

hot Japanese VR bartender

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hot Japanese VR bartender

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