Japanese VR big ass

Japanese VR big ass with Mirei Morishita

March 16, 2020
Enjoy your consultation with this Japanese VR big ass adventure.
Every year you have to deal with workers that come for those medical examinations. It’s true that they take you a while, but after many years in the business you figured out an idea that has helping you in different ways. And today in Asian VR Porn, you’ll do more than what you normally do. If you want to enjoy it correctly, then grab your Oculus Rift, and of course, lots of tissues to clean up your hands. And other parts of your body, obviously.
When you saw your first patient for the first time, you thought: what a hottie. You started with the routine. Telling her to take off the shirt and the bra. Surprise, surprise. Just when you were liking her, you see her big tits, and you felt in love with her right away.
It’s time to work!
You know that means touching her nipples, grabbing her big boobs, telling her to turn around to see her big ass and of course finger her wet pussy. What’s best about this kind of virtual reality asian porn exams is that the only way to see if she’s healthy enough is doing the missionary and reverse cowgirl positions. And now that you know, it’s time for your next patient.
She’s here. Just what you did in 【Part 1】 Long VR Big Boob Lerd Consultation VR, this time you’ll do the same: telling her to take off her clothes, watching her big tits, touching her legs very slowly and when the moment comes, finger her.
When the nurse leaves the room, it’s your call to complete your examination. Masturbating her hairy pussy, doing the missionary and cowgirl position with her. At the end, you’re the best in the business for giving your patients what they deserve. So far, they’re happy enough to let you know… with a vaginal creampie.

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Japanese VR big ass

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Japanese VR big ass

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