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Japanese VR lingerie model

Japanese VR lingerie model Tomomi Morisaki

October 31, 2019
Japanese VR lingerie model is only at VirtualRealJapan.
If you want to be the best in the sales business, you gotta do more than just knocking on people’s doors, and giving great speeches. This is something Tomomi Morisaki knows very well. That’s why she has been named Employee of the Month three times in a row. And to be honest, selling bras make things easier for her.
You don’t want to buy anything. But, as soon as you see how good that skirt looks on her, you won’t hesitate for a second in letting her walk into your house and show you what other things she has to offer. And before this virtual reality fashion show starts, it’s necessary that you strap on your Oculus Rift S.
Just the way you use the Living Room to watch tv. The perfect place to be part of this runway is your bedroom. She might be cute as Hell, but if there’s something you’ve learned from all of the sales ladies you’ve met is that you’ll need more than a smile to purchase something.
And this is the part where Tomomi can show you what makes her the greatest in the business: her catwalk skills. Well, it won’t be so much as a “walking”, but more like you sitting on the bed watching how she wears all types of lingerie.
To seal the deal, she’ll lay on top of you. And this for sure will make you buy whatever she’s got, and change your mind about how sales business works in Japanese VR.

Japanese VR lingerie model Tomomi Morisaki is only at VirtualRealJapan!

Japanese VR lingerie model

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