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Japanese VR subway lady

Japanese VR subway lady Yuri Hamada

September 25, 2019
Japanese VR subway lady Yuri Hamada is so sexy.
Until this VirtualRealJapan underground trip, you’ve been the type of guy that doesn’t believe in destiny. But, today you decided to go to your work by taking the subway. And what you didn’t expect was that you were going to ran into your colleague, Yuri Hamada. What happened next was what we called an adventure in VR that you definitely will play on loop on your Oculus Rift S.
You don’t remember the last time you took a ride on the subway. So, you’re pretty rusty in this subject. And once you see the wagon you’re in with so many people, you remembered the reason why you decided to take the bus as your usual ride.
Call it beginner’s luck, but what are the chances that in your first time on this virtual reality trip you see the hottest girl in the office? Even better, after so many years, she finally noticed you, and can’t stop looking at you.
If you’re still skeptical about destiny, perhaps Yuri Hamada leaving her cellphone on the seat, will change your mind about this matter. Especially, when she tells you to go to the women’s bathroom to give it her back.
It’s time to put on her office clothing, and you thought she was going to ask you to leave the restroom. But, when she started to take off her shirt, skirt and stockings, you knew she wanted something else. That would be, thanking you in her own way: with a striptease right on her desk.

Japanese VR subway lady Yuri Hamada is so gorgeus

Japanese VR subway lady

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Japanese VR subway lady

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