Lesbian Japanese VR Sex

Lesbian Japanese VR Sex class

September 27, 2019
Lesbian Japanese VR Sex class with busty students.
What you love the most about your relationship with Aimi Yoshikawa and Kurumi Tamakiis that you never get bored with them. One day they want to have an adventure in Japanese VR Porn using your Oculus Quest. And in the next day you’re at the school, and they’re telling you a wet secret: they’re lesbians.
Of course, you didn’t expect that. But, instead of asking questions, they decided to show you how did this happened. No complaints there, right?
Everything started as usual: they kissed, and they began to take off their school uniforms.
The only difference between that moment and this one, is that in this virtual reality Asian porn experience, they want you to be part of this moment… in a sort of way. While they’re licking their big tits, and touching their wet pussies, you’ll be watching all of this in the first row.
If they want to show you how everything happened, they need to recreate evey detail ofthis enocunter. So, the next part of this VR xxx adventure will be at the Gym Classroom. And they won’t be playing Dodgeball, but they’ll use dildos to masturbate each other. After this, your lips will be sealed. And this relationship will last forever.

Lesbian Japanese VR Sex class with busty Aimi Yoshikawa and Kurumi Tamakiis

Lesbian Japanese VR Sex

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Lesbian Japanese VR Sex

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