Virtual Real Japan at Anime Expo 2018

VirtualRealJapan at Anime Expo 2018

August 02, 2018

VirtualRealJapan at Anime Expo 2018. We introduced our new website in the biggest Anime convention in the world located in Los Angeles. Thousands of people attended such big event!!! Here are the impressions of what happened during past July 4th till 8th.

When a person hears about virtual reality and live video, their first reaction tends to be, “I don’t have VR”. It was amazing to see their faces light up when they discovered that they already had it in their pocket. With a cardboard VR headset which you can get for free on VirtualRealJapan.com, anybody can experience with their smartphones!

From opening to closing, there was plenty of different people – in costume, out of costume, men, women – that wanted to try VR video. Users discovered the interaction and the idea that THEY were the center of the action.

Users commonly said, “This feels like the future!” and a significant amount were so eager. They bought special branded cardboard headsets from the booth, causing a sellout in two days! Many users bought content immediately. The interaction and realism were so amazing. Users even commented that this technology would cause them to never want to leave their homes!

The immersion of live action interactive video was demonstrated at Anime Expo 2018. Users like being at the center of the action as they were part of the scene. Also they can re-watch a scene over and over again, from different positions every time.

Many users got surprised that they only need to enjoy a lowcost VR Headset and their own smartphone. It is enough to experience live-action virtual reality videos from the comfort of their own beds!

VirtualRealJapan at Anime Expo 2018

VirtualRealJapan at Anime Expo 2018

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