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VR flexible Japanese

VR flexible Japanese beauty Haruka

October 10, 2018

VR flexible Japanese beauty Haruka Kai streches her body in front of you.

We’ve to be honest, this is one of the most romantic VR scenes you’re going to inmerse in. Why you probably ask, because this time you’re going to exercise with your girlfriend. Well, not so much exercise, but watch her while she is stretching.

Fun, huh? Grab your oculusgo and prepare to live a real, yet, romantic GFE in VirtualRealJapan.

You probably think watching your girlfriend doing flexibilty stuff is one of the most boring things ever, but once she’s on the floor with her legs across your body, the first thing that you’re going to think is: “Why I didn’t do this sooner?”.

And, yes, you should have done it sooner, because Haruka Kai is one of those people that gets physical with your help or without it. So, in this case it would be all by herself.

In the end, this virtual reality experience sums up in: how much you can wait until you get up and get involve with her? Answer: not much.

VR flexible Japanese beauty Haruka Kai streches for you

VR flexible Japanese

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VR flexible Japanese


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