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VR Japanese lingerie

VR Japanese lingerie model Karen Takeda

September 26, 2018

VR Japanese lingerie model Karen Takeda in this second part of apartment days series. What else?

We can’t blame you if you can’t help but watching VirtualRealJapan videos as soon as they are uploaded; especially when there’s a new adventure with sensual Karen Takeda every week. You already know the procedure: grab your Oculus Go or any other vr headset you may have and find a comfy spot, the floor, for example, to enjoy a new GFE.

This time, Takeda surprises you in the living room wearing sexy lingerie to show you how good she looks on it. Not even in virtual reality your girlfriend’s amazing body can’t be denied. That’s why you won’t mind being this sexy Asian spectator.

There’s no problem in doing it when the occasion is showing you her talent as a model. So, after getting very close to you so you can observe her even better in VR180º, your girlfriend will slowly take her corset and stockings off.

Good thing about this? She will give you the show wearing only a bra and a pair of panties as sensual as her.

And when you think this can’t get any better, Karen Takeda will leave you wanting more while she walks away on all fours showing you her bootay.

VR Japanese lingerie by Karen Takeda in this second part

VR Japanese lingerie

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VR Japanese lingerie

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