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VR JAV featuring sexy Yui Hatano!

February 17, 2020
Enjoy a new VR JAV with sexy Yui Hatano at VirtualRealJapan!
It’s really hard to know if you’re compatible with someone. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t do all the things people do to find it out. For example: asking for the favorite movie or what type of music listens the most. You know, the typical stuff. But, after all, the only way to really be sure about this is, yes, fucking! So, at this point, if you’re already in a pickle with your gilfriend’s best friend, Yui Hatano, why won’t you discover if after all you have something in common, right?
In the first experience in VR, you decided to finally do it: getting it on with Yui. You felt really bad, but once you started to touch her small tits, it was really difficult for you to stop doing it. Now, you still have your HTC Vive on, and can’t stop doing the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions with her. And like we always have say in virtual asian porn: a vaginal creampie is the only way to know if this is forever.
Once you both have cum, you really should think about your relationship, right?

VR JAV featuring sexy Yui Hatano only at VirtualRealJapan!


After all those years in medical school, you finally accomplished your gold: having the chance to examinate a bunch of hot Asians. You don’t wanna sound all or anything, but when it comes to touching the small tits and asses, you’re the best in the business. And how could you not be like that if you know excactly what they want: a touchy touchy experience in VR xxx.

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