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Japanese girlfriend VR bath

Japanese girlfriend VR bath with Ayaka

September 18, 2019
Japanese girlfriend VR bath with sexy Ayaka Sayama!!!
Watching a hot girl like Ayaka Sayama hanging around in the tub is by far the perfect VR experience. How could not be, right? And because this is your first get together with her,you already know that just like in any other experience the first thing you gotta do is grabbing your Oculus Rift and be prepared to join her wet party.
You don’t know how this adventure will end. But, one thing is for sure: you’ll get wet. She’s so happy to have you with her that at the minute she sees you, she’ll start to play with you. Even though you just got there, she’s been in this virtual reality video for so long. So,she’ll ask you to go out with her and help her massage her wet body.
Being in the tub for a while, makes Ayaka Sayama hungry. So, before you decided to take off your VR headset, she’ll ask you to join her in the kitchen for a snack.
Of course, this bombshell knows that she can’t eat wearing a towel. So, before you have bite, she’ll tell you to wait for her while she puts a kimono.
Perhaps what you love the most about Ayaka Sayama is her wild side. In a moment you’re drinking sake, and in the next she’s on the table showing you her bra. For this kind of GFE is the reason why you love the Asian VR world so much.

Japanese girlfriend VR bath with sexy Ayaka Sayama at VirtualRealJapan

Japanese girlfriend VR bath

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Japanese girlfriend VR bath

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