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Japanese VR girlfriend

Japanese VR girlfriend Natsumi in a short dress

November 06, 2019
Japanese VR girlfriend sweet Natsumi is only at VirtualRealJapan!
When you think about the best day of your life, probably would be something like: staying at home, using your gear vr and watching a new VR video. But, it could also be something like spending a day with Natsumi Hirajima. For obvious reasons you can’t be 24 hours in your crib doing nothing. That’s why having a date with her is the best way to go.
You didn’t have to convince Natsumi to spend more time with you. She was already booking the perfect place at the VirtualRealJapan Hotel. And her dream plan involves: remaining at the hotel room, and going to its famous Cafe.
Both of you are in your pijamas. And if you want to grab a bite, it’s obvious you need to wear something different. It’s time to change the shorts for a dress.
It was true what people told you about the food in this place. But, you couldn’t focus onthat when your girlfriend was looking at you with her cute eyes.
If you thought that dress looked good on her, wait until you see her in the white one. You definitely won’t want to leave this GFE… ever.
It’s better to have spent a day in virtual reality with her, than never have had it at all, right?

Japanese VR girlfriend sweet Natsumi Hirajima in a short dress

Japanese VR girlfriend

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Japanese VR girlfriend

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