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Japanese VR school uniform

Japanese VR school uniform hottie

May 29, 2019
Japanese VR school uniform and swimsuit of hottie Yura.
Just when you thought you were having a good time using your gear vr at the LivingRoom, Yura walks in wearing her school uniform ready to have fun with you in VirtualRealJapan. But as soon as she gets home, she wants something to eat, specifically sweets.
So, while you’re sitting on the couch, she’s going to bend over to search something to eat. Because she’s using a skirt, you can see how good the lingerie fits on her. And before she starts sucking on a lollipop, she’s going to sit on top of you and share a lil’ bit.
Obviusly, a lollipop is not enough for her, so she’s going to look for something else to eat. After her snack, Yura wants to take a nap. But, of course, she’s not going to do that lying on the floor and wearing her school uniform.
So, it’s time to move this virtual reality adventure to the bed. And Yura won’t only do that,but also change her clothes into something more comfortable like a swimsuit.

Japanese VR school uniform and swimsuit of hottie Yura

Japanese VR school uniform

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Japanese VR school uniform

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