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VR Japanese darling

VR Japanese darling Lilme in VirtualRealJapan

August 29, 2018

VR Japanese darling Lilme is here for your delight to have a great time together!

One way or another, everybody would love to have the perfect life: the perfect kids, the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect health, the perfect personality, and yes, the perfect wife or girlfriend. And in VR, things don’t go the other way around. Lucky you, this new scene is a GFE (enlace a esta categoría) that is all about that.

Grab your oculusgo or any other vr headset you’ve got, because you’re about to live a lovely virtual reality experience.

Your girlfiend is getting ready to go out. You’re sitting in front of her watching how she brushes her teeth, while she talks to you with her mouth full with toothpaste.

It’s impossible not to think how this sexy asian turns out to be your girlfriend. Especially when she starts to clean things up, and you can’t help but watch her tight ass. And, don’t doubt it, it’s even better in 3D.

For some reason, she sits on your legs and starts brushing your teeth while she touches your face and gives you kisses on your cheeks.

How could you not love having this perfect life on VirtualRealJapan’s “With Her ~ Darling, Hear me ~Lilme act.2“?

VR Japanese darling Lilme is here to have a great time together!

VR Japanese darling

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VR Japanese darling

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